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PENRITH Sunlight of the Spirit GROUP
Penrith Big Book Study Meeting Format - 1 hr

Secretary welcomes all to the Penrith Big Book Study. Chairperson commences the meeting with the Preamble of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chairperson asks members to ID and then to note that:
'The purpose of this meeting is to help alcoholics achieve sobriety by the studying, discussing and practising of the readings and twelve Steps of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. This group asks that you please share your experience on the readings being studied tonight or on where you are presently in the program: and to share your time to a suggested 5 minutes. Also please have your mobile phones turned off or on silent'

Chairperson reads 'How it Works' from Chapter 5; page 58-60 to end of
'c) that God could and would if he were sought.'

Prior to reading the Big Book the Set Aside Prayer is read
'God please set aside everything we think we know about the Big Book, the 12 Steps, the program and You God, for an open heart and mind and a new experience with the Big Book.
Please help us to see the truth.'

Chairperson asks a member to read 1 paragraph from the Big Book and then to share on what was read. Following the reader sharing the Chairperson asks at least 2 other members to share on what was read. Group Conscience has agreed that members be asked to share by Chairperson only.

End meeting by reading from the Big Book p164 'Our book is meant to....' then handover to Secreatry at the end of the meeting at 7pm. Indicate in member's book where the last reader finished for the next meeting.

A Group Conscience is held on the first Sunday of each month .